jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

I´m pregnant!!!

At last I know why I feel so lazy, I´m pregnant! I just returned from my vacation in Chile, and although I am very happy I have no desire to do anything! I hope this feeling passes soon because I have so much to do! I went two months outside the country and away from my blog and network,  is time to begins to work on my clip art again!
Still do not know who will be my baby (boy or girl), really doesn´t matter all i want is that she/he is healthy... ... I have a 5 year old boy with autism and I wouldn´t like my next baby will suffer the syndrome too. All I can do is cross my fingers and pray! Doctors say that the rate of recurrence of the syndrome is only 10%, so I have 90% chance of having a normal child... Do not get me wrong, I love my autistic child, but for him everything is more difficult... Sometimes he cries and I don't know why, at his 5 years has not yet learned to speak. The neurologists can not tell me if he ever will do it. I have not lost hope and I keep fighting every day, but it hurts not to hear any word of his mouth. None, not even "mom". I think God must have a purpose for everything he does, and autistic children are a wonderful work of God. Returning to the subject that brought me here, I'm pregnant at age 37 (almost 38) and I hope you have a lot of patience if I'm doing not a lot of graphics in the coming months. I promise not to disappear from it all and continue to share about my life
with the help of Google's translator hahaha. Xoxo to all!

7 Responses to “I´m pregnant!!!”

Sandra dijo...

Felicitaciones!!!,un hijo siempre es una bendición.
Te deseo l omejor y te envío Luz para transcurrir este embarazo

Paci dijo...

Gracias Sandra!!! Se te agradece de corazón, un besote!!!

Addie dijo...

Congrautlacinoes hermosa, aunque ya me abias dicho, siempre queria dejarte un abrazo y beso por aqui. Besines, Addie

Paci dijo...

Gracias Addie preciosa!!!

Addie dijo...

Feliz Dia de San VAlentin, que la pases muy alegre hoy! Besitos, Addie

Anónimo dijo...

Paci, I'm not even sure what date you wrote this, but as a very loyal customer, I just saw your blog for the first time ... and pregnancy announcement. I hope all is going well, and I know any child of yours is and will be an amazing addition to this world!
Good thoughts and prayers are sent your way, Sharon Rhea

Chelsea Leis dijo...

Well, seeing as how you’re riding a 90% chance, I think we can safely say that you’ll have a healthy baby! Just follow all the advice your doctor gives you, and stay healthy not just physically, but also emotionally. If you do all that, you definitely up your chances of having a healthy baby. Stay positive!