jueves, 19 de marzo de 2015

"Day and Night" new Freebie for you!

Hi girls! There is a new freebie available for you at My Memories Store!!! Hand painted. I hope you like it! Xoxo!

 photo Day and Night_zps2lzej4l7.jpg

You can DOWNLOAD here.

viernes, 13 de marzo de 2015

Freebie to celebrate!

Hi girls! Today it's my birthday! To celebrate I want to share this freebie!!! Have a beautiful day!

 photo Paci_Romantic_Heart_Preview_zpsszmhw5r6.jpg

You can download here:

  photo wlsblinkydesigner_zpsxypg8qd6.gif

martes, 3 de marzo de 2015

Good News and infinite thanks!!!

Hi there! I'm back! First of all, I want to thank each and everyone of you! Thank you so much for your support, purchasing, messages, emails, invitations, advice and  so many things!!!! I have no words to thank you enough, I really felt grateful for your concern about my future as designer. For the first time in my life I felt as if all my work it was alive, each doll, princess, frogs, rabbit, bear, clown, etc... All smiling at me from the computer. I know that many of them are in your computer as well.
However, a tear dropped my eyes last February 28, when the CSD store finally closed its doors forever. CSD store was my home for seven years. But thanks to you I'm no longer sad.
I have found new homes for my designs!!! All my work (except a few packs will spend retirement) will soon be available for you in the following stores: 


My Memories

Sensibility Scrapping


My Scrapbook Planet

Since March 13, also at:

With Love Studio

Aimee Asher Boutique

 I think that's good news! Finally here is my new papers pack. I hope you like it!

 photo 1Paci_Fairy_World_Preview_zps5q86qdl3.jpg

Available at ScrasNcompany, Sensibility Scrapping, Wilma4ever and MyScrapbookplanet

martes, 3 de febrero de 2015

My store are closing!!! Get all for $ 2!!!

Hello friends! The CSD Store will close it doors on the 28th of this month at midnight! For this reason I have left all my stuff to 2 dollars each until closing day. I don´t know where to sell my designs from that date, so I'm investigating other possibilities. Meanwhile,  take advantage of this great offer that is being made in CSD, because I do not know what will become of me in the future ...
I am open to advice and suggestions! Thank all! See you soon!


sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Some Freebies for you and totally new stuff!!!

Hi folks! I can't believe how time flies! However a lot has happened since I wrote last time. I did a lot of new products in this 2014, including many freebies, and plan to do so much more. The problem is that not many times I updated this blog, then there are many new things in my store that are not advertised here. If you are interested in my stuff, please do not hesitate to visit my store at CSD occasionally. There you will find freebies, news and new products such as papers, templates and cliparts. As you know, most of my things are for commercial use. 
That said, I tell them that I have been working on issues of pirates (a classic in me), in Ancient Egypt and in a few gothic girls. Links to this material is below, as well as links to the freebies. Hope you like it!

New Products Available:
 photo Paci_Magic_Potion1_Preview_zps6a94c564.png
 photo Paci_Magic_Potion2_Preview_zps74e0f6d3.png
 photo Paci_Cleo_and_the_mummies1_Preview_zpsdbabd0fa.png
 photo Paci_Cleo_and_the_mummies3_Preview_zpscf2aca88.png
 photo Paci_Egyptian_Empress_and_the_Pharaoh1_Preview_zpsa9a6e83f.png
 photo Paci_Egyptian_Empress_and_the_Pharaoh2_Preview_zps3cf57c70.png
 photo Paci_Egyptian_Empress_and_the_Pharaoh3_Preview_zps4abc7489.png
 photo Paci_Easter_Bunny_Girl1_Preview_zps1e094248.png
 photo Paci_Beauty_and_Unicorn1_Preview_zps6bf9b052.png
 photo Paci_A_very_beautiful_day_Preview_zps1ae3afe5.png
 photo Paci_Enchanted_Forest1_Preview_zpsa8f21ae4.png
 photo Paci_Princess_and_kitten2_Preview_zps948d8acf.png

 photo Paci_Sweet_Easter_Bunny1_Preview_zps8618da3c.png
 photo Paci_Reading_Time1_Preview_zpsaa678198.png
 photo Paci_Pirate_Princess1_Preview_zpsd471e6f8.png
 photo Paci_Pirate_Princess2_Preview_zpsccdf3fa8.png

 photo Paci_Lovely_Captain_Preview_zps2795eb06.png
 photo Paci_Rainy_Day1_Preview_zpse0cc2848.png
 photo Paci_Pirate_Doll1_Preview_zps7f503a18.png

 photo Paci_Pirate_Doll2_Preview_zps97c9ef6d.png

 photo Paci_Magic_Lessons_Preview_zps62545bf6.png

You can purchase at: 


Here the freebies - CLICK ON PREVIEW TO GO:  photo Paci_White_Bunny_Freebie_Preview_zps381795b6.png  photo Paci_Egypt_Freebie_Preview_zps39c9eb43.png  photo Paci_Pyramids_of_Egypt_QP_Preview_zps7fd9f318.png

domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Witches and vamps for Halloween and much more!

Hi! Looking for some witch or vampire for your Halloween kit? Here you can find both of them, I hope you like it! Also I made Cu papers for fall seasons and 1 evil cat freebie.
Freebie is the end of this post. Happy Halloween to all!

 photo Paci_Witch_and_Magic_Crystal_Preview_zps4bafc2f2.png
 photo Paci_Witch_and_the_lamp_Preview_zpsc473d616.png  photo Paci_Witch_and_the_Pumpkin_Preview_zpsbf92b9c6.png  photo Paci_Witch_House_Facade_Preview_zps94a37571.png  photo Paci_Witch_House_Inside_Preview_zpse3c62668.png
 photo Paci_Swamp_Papers1_Preview_zpsfaa70adb.png  photo Paci_Swamp_Papers2_Preview_zpse2452955.png  photo Paci_Hypnotic_Vamp1_Preview_zpseaa3e5ec.png
 photo Paci_Hypnotic_Vamp2_Preview_zps3829075b.png

You can purchase this kit at: 


Wicked Cat FREEBIE  photo Paci_Wicked_Cat_Freebie_Preview_zps301228e7.png

jueves, 20 de junio de 2013

New PTU The Treasures Hunters and Freebie!

Hi there! My new PTU kit es here! There is a freebie too! I have to say this kit is the biggest i´ve ever made, contains 150 elements and 30 papers! I love the pirate theme because I live on a small island where they lived for many, many years ago. I hope you like it too. This kit includes some pirates, a cat dressed like a pirate, a little mouse, palm trees, shells, pirate chests, jewelry, diamonds, ships, a skull cave, flag, maps, bottles, swords, spyglass, cannon, candles, parrots and much more! Also 3 Quick Pages are included. The link to the freebie is below.

The Treasures Hunters PTU

 photo Paci_The_Treasures_Hunters_Preview_zps7d6b4075.png  photo Paci_The_Treasures_Hunters_Papers_Preview2_zpscb17a743.png  photo Paci_The_Treasures_Hunters_Papers_Preview_zps5cf0ba9b.png  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample1a_zps6995e660.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample2_zpse81791e6.jpg  photo Paci_Piratas_con_tiburones2_zps6d093485.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample4_zpsb42a04c4.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample6_zps83186e1e.jpg
 photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample15_zpscf95cbf3.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample9_zpse2016929.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample16_zpsd2da48a1.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample10_zps4e0a5f77.jpg
 photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample13_zpsda23463a.jpg

You can purchase this kit at: 


The Treasures Hunters Q.P. FREEBIE:

 photo Paci_The_Treasures_Hunters_Freebie_QP_Preview_zpsfb06ed78.png