jueves, 20 de junio de 2013

New PTU The Treasures Hunters and Freebie!

Hi there! My new PTU kit es here! There is a freebie too! I have to say this kit is the biggest i´ve ever made, contains 150 elements and 30 papers! I love the pirate theme because I live on a small island where they lived for many, many years ago. I hope you like it too. This kit includes some pirates, a cat dressed like a pirate, a little mouse, palm trees, shells, pirate chests, jewelry, diamonds, ships, a skull cave, flag, maps, bottles, swords, spyglass, cannon, candles, parrots and much more! Also 3 Quick Pages are included. The link to the freebie is below.

The Treasures Hunters PTU

 photo Paci_The_Treasures_Hunters_Preview_zps7d6b4075.png  photo Paci_The_Treasures_Hunters_Papers_Preview2_zpscb17a743.png  photo Paci_The_Treasures_Hunters_Papers_Preview_zps5cf0ba9b.png  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample1a_zps6995e660.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample2_zpse81791e6.jpg  photo Paci_Piratas_con_tiburones2_zps6d093485.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample4_zpsb42a04c4.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample6_zps83186e1e.jpg
 photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample15_zpscf95cbf3.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample9_zpse2016929.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample16_zpsd2da48a1.jpg  photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample10_zps4e0a5f77.jpg
 photo Paci_The_Treasures_hunters_Sample13_zpsda23463a.jpg

You can purchase this kit at: 


The Treasures Hunters Q.P. FREEBIE:

 photo Paci_The_Treasures_Hunters_Freebie_QP_Preview_zpsfb06ed78.png 

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