domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Witches and vamps for Halloween and much more!

Hi! Looking for some witch or vampire for your Halloween kit? Here you can find both of them, I hope you like it! Also I made Cu papers for fall seasons and 1 evil cat freebie.
Freebie is the end of this post. Happy Halloween to all!

 photo Paci_Witch_and_Magic_Crystal_Preview_zps4bafc2f2.png
 photo Paci_Witch_and_the_lamp_Preview_zpsc473d616.png  photo Paci_Witch_and_the_Pumpkin_Preview_zpsbf92b9c6.png  photo Paci_Witch_House_Facade_Preview_zps94a37571.png  photo Paci_Witch_House_Inside_Preview_zpse3c62668.png
 photo Paci_Swamp_Papers1_Preview_zpsfaa70adb.png  photo Paci_Swamp_Papers2_Preview_zpse2452955.png  photo Paci_Hypnotic_Vamp1_Preview_zpseaa3e5ec.png
 photo Paci_Hypnotic_Vamp2_Preview_zps3829075b.png

You can purchase this kit at: 


Wicked Cat FREEBIE  photo Paci_Wicked_Cat_Freebie_Preview_zps301228e7.png

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