sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Some Freebies for you and totally new stuff!!!

Hi folks! I can't believe how time flies! However a lot has happened since I wrote last time. I did a lot of new products in this 2014, including many freebies, and plan to do so much more. The problem is that not many times I updated this blog, then there are many new things in my store that are not advertised here. If you are interested in my stuff, please do not hesitate to visit my store at CSD occasionally. There you will find freebies, news and new products such as papers, templates and cliparts. As you know, most of my things are for commercial use. 
That said, I tell them that I have been working on issues of pirates (a classic in me), in Ancient Egypt and in a few gothic girls. Links to this material is below, as well as links to the freebies. Hope you like it!

New Products Available:
 photo Paci_Magic_Potion1_Preview_zps6a94c564.png
 photo Paci_Magic_Potion2_Preview_zps74e0f6d3.png
 photo Paci_Cleo_and_the_mummies1_Preview_zpsdbabd0fa.png
 photo Paci_Cleo_and_the_mummies3_Preview_zpscf2aca88.png
 photo Paci_Egyptian_Empress_and_the_Pharaoh1_Preview_zpsa9a6e83f.png
 photo Paci_Egyptian_Empress_and_the_Pharaoh2_Preview_zps3cf57c70.png
 photo Paci_Egyptian_Empress_and_the_Pharaoh3_Preview_zps4abc7489.png
 photo Paci_Easter_Bunny_Girl1_Preview_zps1e094248.png
 photo Paci_Beauty_and_Unicorn1_Preview_zps6bf9b052.png
 photo Paci_A_very_beautiful_day_Preview_zps1ae3afe5.png
 photo Paci_Enchanted_Forest1_Preview_zpsa8f21ae4.png
 photo Paci_Princess_and_kitten2_Preview_zps948d8acf.png

 photo Paci_Sweet_Easter_Bunny1_Preview_zps8618da3c.png
 photo Paci_Reading_Time1_Preview_zpsaa678198.png
 photo Paci_Pirate_Princess1_Preview_zpsd471e6f8.png
 photo Paci_Pirate_Princess2_Preview_zpsccdf3fa8.png

 photo Paci_Lovely_Captain_Preview_zps2795eb06.png
 photo Paci_Rainy_Day1_Preview_zpse0cc2848.png
 photo Paci_Pirate_Doll1_Preview_zps7f503a18.png

 photo Paci_Pirate_Doll2_Preview_zps97c9ef6d.png

 photo Paci_Magic_Lessons_Preview_zps62545bf6.png

You can purchase at: 


Here the freebies - CLICK ON PREVIEW TO GO:  photo Paci_White_Bunny_Freebie_Preview_zps381795b6.png  photo Paci_Egypt_Freebie_Preview_zps39c9eb43.png  photo Paci_Pyramids_of_Egypt_QP_Preview_zps7fd9f318.png

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